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Question about scanning email body for IDs


Hi HelpSpot!

Apologies if this has been asked before, but I didn’t find it in the forums yet.

I have a customer who prefers to keep the email thread “on his side”. This means that replying to his mails with HelpSpot IDs in the subject breaks his system. Since he is otherwise a highly-valued customer I do not want to try and force him to do things the HelpSpot way. However, having to merge all his replies is a little time-consuming, and including the issue ID in the body of the mail would not bother him in the least.

I could then use an alternative template for him, simply by using the “external note” template and including the ID only in the body and not the subject line.

BUT: I don’t think HelpSpot scans the body text for IDs, does it?

Or is there any other way around this problem?

I can probably use a UNIX tool to munge the mail and add the ID to the subject line (from the body) after it gets to my mail server but before HelpSpot reads it, but this is a little complicated to say the least!

Any help much appreciated!


Hi Ed,

The parser won’t currently check the body, it’s difficult to use the body because you could be quoting older messages and that would lead to multiple ID’s in the body which would confuse the system.

The email parser also won’t work because it’s only for new requests not replies.

HelpSpot doesn’t mind other systems ID’s though. The only trouble would be if the other system also uses {} brackets. However, even if it does you could put a prefix on the ID (Admin->Settings->Email Integration->Request ID Prefix) though if his system only looks for {} that could still break it.

In the next release merging is easier as you can merge from filters as well as with a click from the request history tab so it should be a bit easier to deal with if nothing else.


Hi Ian, Andrew,

Thanks for the replies.

The client doesn’t use a system as such - I think I overdid the description a little - but just needs the original title kept the same i.e. no system ID turning up in the title of a reply, which breaks the email threading in his mailbox.

I appreciate the point about quoting older messages - I hadn’t thought of that.

I think I’ll have to just keep merging for now. If merging improves, that’s so much the better!