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Questions re: queue sorting, admin management, notes, portals, more


Hi. Great product, I’m really happy with it so far, but I’ve collected a handful of questions over the past couple weeks using it.

  1. I replaced the ‘age’ column in my workspace with ‘last update’. Can I have issues sorted by this column by default? I can click the heading to sort but it doesn’t remember my preference on subsequent page loads. It’s helpful to be able to easily see which open issues have been responded to by the customers.

  2. Is there a way to disable the web/public notes entirely (ie, work only via email)? Some of our email requests contain semi-sensitive information and it would be better to not have it accessible publicly. I’m already blocking spiders via robots.txt and I can use mod_rewrite to redirect attempted web access to them, but disabling them completely would be preferable (ideally based on portal/mailbox, even).

  3. Can I disable HTML/multipart email while allowing HTML or Markdown in private notes? I’ve run into some formatting problems with signatures and canned responses when using multipart/HTML email (ie, plain text saved responses don’t preserve linebreaks in HTML email) and generally prefer text email anyway, but it would be helpful to use formatting in private notes.

  4. When using the contact tab widget on multiple sites, is there a way to differentiate the requests and handle them differently (eg, assign them to different people or categories?). An automation task would be fine for this, but I couldn’t figure out a way to do it.

  5. Is there a way to require SSL for admin access but not public/portal access? Redirecting URLs containing /admin.php via Apache works fine for page views but form submissions are sent unencrypted.

  6. Is there a way to add additional From: addresses without an associated mailbox? My use case is that I have multiple addresses aliased to a single mailbox, which is checked by Helpspot. Although they all end up in a single mailbox, it’s occasionally useful to be able to reply using one of these alias addresses.

  7. Is there a way to group filter conditions using both AND and OR? For example, if I want to create a filter that includes requests in either of two categories, I have to use OR, but then I can’t require that the requests actually be open, resulting in a list full of closed requests.

  8. Is there a way to delete responses/categories/mailboxes/etc instead of just making them “inactive”?

Finally, a couple non-support related comments:

  • When I purchased my copy, I noticed that the “purchase” link in the footer of the demo goes to, which uses an SSL cert for, resulting in a domain mismatch warning.
  • How are we notified of updates and patches? Is there an RSS feed?

Whew, that’s it for now. Thanks!


Hi Kenn,

  1. Yes, sort of :slight_smile: What you need to do is build a filter which mimics your queue. In a filter you can set a default order.

  2. Yes, though it’s not a setting. You can block the portal via the web server and/or delete the portal templates completely. Then just remove the links to the portal from your public notes to customers emails in Admin->Tools->Modify Email Templates.

  3. No. You can have different setting for what you receive vs what you create, but not between note types. Either all notes are HTML enabled or none.

  4. HelpSpot doesn’t currently log the domain a request came in on in a filterable way. But, you could use an AR rule where one of the conditions is a full text search that looks for the domain because the domain is appended to the note itself as page opened from info.

You need to be careful to limit that to just open & unassigned requests though so that it doesn’t try full text searching all your notes.

  1. No, HTTPS is all or nothing currently.

  2. No, but you can simple add them as mailboxes. HS will check them, but that shouldn’t hurt anything. You may get some error log notes if it can’t connect but shouldn’t be too big a deal. You could also convert them to actual mailboxes and in that case HS will actually be checking them. That could also be useful for you from a filter/report perspective.

  3. Yes, near the bottom of the filter condition list under advanced are special conditions which allow subgroup and/or operations.

  4. No, HS needs to keep that information related to the previous requests which were associated with those things. You can reuse them though so if you had a test one or something you could replace it with a real category for instance when you need a new one. Just realize that old requests previously associated with it will now display that new name.

  • Yes, sorry about that. We moved our website to but HS still has links. We’re fixing that in a future release.

  • The contact person on file is emailed for every upgrade. Your installation will also check every few days and display a notification to admins when they login. Also I know you follow us on @helpspot where we post up information on releases as well.

No problem, thanks!


Thanks Ian, especially for the pointer on the subgrouping in the filters. I completely missed that. The rest of the info is good to know as well.


Great, keep the questions coming!