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Quick category question


I’m using Categories in HelpSpot to differentiate between my company’s product offerings.

I expose each of the categories on the Submit Request page so that the user can tell us which product he or she is using.

I would like to build hyperlinks into the Submit Request page that automatically select the category for the user. For example:


Is there a way to achive this today, or do I need to modify the php code associated with the request submission?


  • Mark R


Hi Mark,

Sure you can do this. The URL needs to look like this:


where xCategory is the category ID number. You can find the category ID on the category admin page. The left most column of the category list has the ID’s.

An interesting side note is that you can also do something similar with your admin request page. So if you need to create requests from other systems you can pass customer information into the staff “create request” page: