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Quick query: multi-level AJAX fields - or a better way?


Hello HelpSpot,

While I’ve been a very satisfied customer of HelpSpot for some years now, I’ve never got around to playing with the APIs, hence the question.

Which is: if I have a multi-level data source, how best can I incorporate this into HelpSpot as a data entry option for staff?

Background: I have an internal company classification system, about 800 records, arranged in 3 levels, i.e. industry, sector, sub-sector. Since a drop-down with 800 items is a no-no, staff would ideally be given a 3-level menu structure to navigate through, picking the last, 3rd-level item as the data input.

The best way would seem to be an AJAX lookup, but the AJAX field seems to be only single-level in the example given on this website. Is that in fact the case?

Any information very much appreciated!


Hi Ed,

The AJAX field doesn’t do this exactly but it can be done with it. What you would do is have the field first return the top level. Staff select it and then click the ajax button again. This time your script will be sent the value of the previous selection so if you see that set you can send back the second level. Then do the same for the third and that’s the value that would be left in the field.

Because the ajax fields send you back the value of whatever is in the text field staff could also “cheat” and skip some levels if they know what they’re looking for. For instance, if they typed in an industry then clicked the ajax button they would be instantly starting off at the second level.



Many thanks for the rapid reply. That sounds entirely feasible, I’ll give it a whirl :=)


is that first selection or entry recorded anywhere. I want to use the ajax field to look up in our bug tracking software, but I have to authenticate to the bug tracker, so I thought about them entering their password in the ajax field, which I would use to authenticate, and then it would return the authentication information and look up in the bug tracker.


There’s a script between the ajax field and the bug tracker that you need to write. So you would have any authentication info in that script, not in the ajax field.