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Read-only access level


I need to provide easy read-only access level to HelpSpot for my co-workers which do not actively work in Tech. Support but need to browse and check the requests (progress, status, etc.). E.g. typically my boss or salesmen.

Is there (planned) solution for this? I can probably program it using the API (even I’m not sure whether it is possible to access all the information using the API), but I do not want to mimic the functionality of the nice web UI just because of this requirement.


Hi Radim,

Currently there’s not a read only interface. They’d need to have licenses if they need to look at more than notes and field information, use filters, etc.

You can modify the portal templates to show category, status, custom fields in addition to the notes, but it still doesn’t allow for them to navigate around. So if you need that you’d need to build it with the API. The private web service API will give you access to all the data to be able to build a read only interface.