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Reassigning Items


When I try to reassign an item to another user I select the drop down box pick the name and then press the “Update Request” button. The request history says that it has been reassigned, however the item remains assigned to the original user.

If I reassign the item to the inbox that works fine!

Any ideas what I could be doing wrong?


That shouldn’t be happening. Do you have a user with any quotes or other odd characters in the name? It should be OK anyway, but perhaps you’ve found a bug. When you leave the request then go back in does it still show it not changed? Also, what browser are you using? If it’s Internet Explorer do you have it set to “check page on every request”, which can be found in Tools->Internet Options->Temporary Internet Files->Settings.


No nothing strange in the name! Yes when I leave the request and go back in remains unchanged - still remains assigned to me.

I’m the Firefox broweser on Windows bu get the same issue using Safari.

However, I can re-assign it to the Inbox.



Hmm. I’ve never seen this issue before. If you don’t mind I’d like to login to your installation and take a look at what might be causing this.


Sure the URL is:

##removed by moderator##



Hey Carl,

You had me scared there for a minute! What was going on is you had Jon’s account setup to be out of office and to assign all requests to you. So when you would assign one to him, the system would see he was out of office and reassign to you. I change the setting (it’s in Admin->Staff->Jon) and things works fine now!