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reCAPTCHA + HelpSpot


I’d like to use the reCAPTCHA service rather than HelpSpot’s built-in captcha functionality. Is it possible to modify the request template to do this? It would mean running some validation code server-side, and I’m not sure how to go about that…


If you could set the word to be used then it would work, but I don’t think that’s possible.

You could use just about any php image based captcha. There’s probably a PHP one in pear.


It would be great if you could add some kind of plugin mechanism that allows custom server-side code to run when the request form is posted. Hooks for field validation, etc. would allow greater flexibility to integrate with external services like reCAPTCHA. The custom templates are nice. But without customizable server-side processing, it is only a partial solution.


We’ll definetly consider that Sam.

Another option you have would be to write your own forms and use HelpSpot’s email parser to create the requests with the right information. You can read more about the email parser here:


Thanks - I’ll look into the email parser.