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Refreshing the page after initiating an automation rule


I have some automation rules active that set some custom fields when it is automated, one of which is too mark a checkbox. The rule works however the problem that I am experiencing is that the checkbox is not actually marked as checked until the page is refreshed which is a hassle if I or other colleagues require to write successive comments or make changes on the same page.

This causes problems as the automation rule is initiated again as one of the conditions is that this box must be unchecked for the automation rule to take place resulting in multiple emails being sent for the same issue.

What I would like to know is if there is a fix in place I can use or if one can be implemented to resolve this bug?



You might want to consider moving your rule to a trigger. It sounds like you’re looking for some set of conditions to occur either when the ticket is created or after it’s updated. A trigger works in real time so it will mark the checkbox as checked when the condition occurs and so it should always be up to do when you view the request.


Thanks Ian, changing the automation rule to trigger solved the problem


Excellent! We have an article coming out in the next day or so on automation rules, triggers, and mail rules to try and make the differences more clear to folks.