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Reminder E-mail - limiting to one per day


We have two automation rules that run if a certain amount of time, if a ticket hasn’t been touched. The time variable is “minutes since last update” - but the rule is running every minute from the moment is validates, for hundreds of times. Is there a way to tell a rule to only run once a day or something?


Hi Michael,
There is a checkbox at the bottom of every automation that says: Only run this rule when tasks2.php is called directly with this rules ID. Check this box, then set up a separate scheduled task or cron job (depending on if you are on windows or linux) to run this rule at the interval you want. Check out the last section of this KB article for more info

Another option is to have an action beyond an email fire that prevents multiple runs. For instance, set a custom field to “Overdue” then in your criteria check that the custom field is not “Overdue.” After the automation runs for the first time the criteria will no longer be met.


I see. Is it possible to call multiple tasks within the same scheduled task (we use Windows)?


Tasks2.php is limited to one task per call. So in your case, you will need to scheduled tasks.