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Reminders History



There was an issue where one of my reps was not getting the HelpSpot email reminders because he did not check the box in his profile. He has corrected the problem, but I can’t seem to find a way to look at the history of the reminders he placed in the past so we can make sure there was nothing missed. Could you point me the right direction?




Which box was he not checking? He should have been checked by default, though he could have been unchecking it.

There’s no central way to see reminders, but he can see his past reminders from the Workspace in the top right corner is a link for Reminders and Subscriptions. It’s also possible to look in the database if needed.


Here is the box that he unchecked in his profile:

Unfortunately it appears that the reminders/subscriptions do not show the past reminders records once the date/time passes. Right now it’s blank.


Ah, I thought you wanted to see future reminders. Yes, the old ones are gone because reminders aren’t really designed to be used as a way to track the request, they’re just for receiving updates at a time. It would be better to change your workflow going forward to use a date custom field and then an automation rule to send notifications or something along those lines. That way if others need access to this date or you want to see it in a filter you could do that.