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Some tasks are recurring; and I’ve found that Reminders is a method of establishing when to do those on a calendar. But for some of these, I don’t want to get notification by email - I just want to have it on a calendar.

Do you plan to modify reminders so that they are just there and can be looked at ? Any plans to make a reminder recurring - to occur daily, weekly, every other week on Thursday?


Yep - recurring reminders is almost critical


Recurring reminders is an interesting idea, but right now reminders are made in the context of a particular request. So the reminder is always for that request, does a recurring reminder make sense in the context of one request? In general I think a single request is likely to be closed and so having monthly reminders doesn’t make sense.

A more general reminder system on general tasks about the help desk could be interesting, but there’s no plans for that in the near term.


I do Progress DBA work. Quite often I am troubleshooting issues over a period of time or doing PM’s that can’t be scripted (I script everything that I can). These are single requests to do the same thing several times possibly at different times of the day or throughout the period (week, month, quarter, etc)

So - it does make sense to have recurrence for a single request.

Maybe I should wait until you have the due date field implemented; it may be possible to create a rule to change the due date or create a new request when the status changes ?


They’ll be date custom fields in v2 and you could automate the changing of that date using automation rules. There’s not a direct way to make a new request from rules, but using the new API it may be possible by using filters and then when you see a certain status create a new request using the API.


Is it possible to have a reoccurring reminder? I have tasks that I need people to do on a weekly and monthly basis and would like to have them either reminded or reoccurring ticket opened.


Hi Keith,

That’s not currently possible. Some type of more advanced calendaring/reminders are something we’re thinking about for a future release, but no decision on that has been made yet.