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Remove CCed email addresses from request


Is there a way to delete CCed email addresses from an existing request? The request was created via email with a number of email addresses CCed on it. I see that they can be X’ed out, but this does not seem to remove them from the request, just that particular note.


Hi Brandon,

When you hover over and X them out that will remove them. HelpSpot will not add them back on, however, if the customer CC’s them again that will cause them to be put back in place. So it’s likely that they’re being re-added and then HelpSpot includes them again.


There may be something wrong with our installation then, when I X out the addresses and update the request, they are not removed. Should I open a support case for this issue?


You do have to publicly update it, if you just update after removing it that won’t do it. It has to part of an action that also includes a public note to the customer. Perhaps that’s the issue?

If not, definitely open a support ticket.