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Remove HelpSpot from subject line of emails


How do we remove the “HelpSpot:” prefix from the subject line of emails sent out by the system? We would like to keep the rest of the subject line (New Ticket, Ticket Notification, Ticket Update, {Ticket ID}, etc.), just remove the HelpSpot branding, as we are not advertising this to our end users.


The “HelpSpot” prefix is only used on notifications to staff, never to customers. Only the public notes to customers template goes to customers and it’s subject line doesn’t include HelpSpot. So nothing you need to change!


Got it, that’s good to know. We would prefer it if it was not visible to staff either, is there a way to remove it?


Well, you can edit the language pack to do that but then you’ll have to maintain a custom language pack for just that one change.

You could also edit the templates to remove the email_subject in admin-customize-email templates-staff notifications and put something else in there so it’s not only an ID.


I’d like to necro this topic, since it’s something we’d like to fix, too. I’ll start playing with the Subject Line now, but it might be nice to have this as a changeable feature. :slight_smile:


It’s something we’ll consider, but since it’s only shown to staff and can be used to filter emails into folders, etc we’re inclined to keep it. HelpSpot branding is in the footer, docs, etc anyway so hiding it from staff who are already using HelpSpot doesn’t really remove the name for them.