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Remove "Information on Your Request" from Initial Request column


“Information on Your Request” and “RE: Information on Your Request” clutter my queue columns. This occurs when I open a request and pick Contacted via: email.

I can’t find a way to turn this off. Is there a way? Thanks.


Hi John,

Yes, email requests show the subject by default. There’s no way currently to prevent that other than changing the subject when you create the requests manually to something more descriptive.


To be sure we’re on the same page.

I am entering most requests manually including the ones where I am contacted by email and then I am copying and pasting the email text into my new request.

No other “Contacted via” options shows the Information on your Request or RE: … . No user has submitted a request via email directly to HelpSpot yet. Some users have submitted via the portal and those don’t include the “Information about …” either.


Well normally you’d want HelpSpot to receive the emails. You can set it up to check the mailboxes so you don’t have to copy paste.

However, if you continue to do it that way I’d suggest setting the subject line to that of the original email. You can do that in the public note options below the note box.