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Remove/trash/delete or hide notes from response history


It would be helpful is an option could be added to the menu for notes in the Request History that allowed you to delete a note. Sometimes you’ll get out of response messages or other such things which just pollute the response history and it would be great to be able to trash such notes.

Of course being able to delete a note potential undermines the audit history of the system, so if deleting or trashing a specific note is not an option then it would be great to be able to hide a specific note so that while it still appears in the response history it only takes up at most one or two lines. This would allow any users that wants to look at a hidden note to expand it if required.




Hi Simon,

Yes, I think we probably wouldn’t add deleting a note. Hiding one is an interesting idea. We’ll have to consider that a bit more.

If you really need to remove something you could always do so in the database.