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Removing Unused Knowledge Tags From Search List?


I created a bunch of knowledge tags which I realised I didn’t want to have. I have removed them from all the book and forum pages however they still appear in the list of knowledge tags in the advanced search. How can I get rid of these tags from showing up in the advanced search?

I have checked that I have removed them from all knowledge pages as a search using one of the unused tags comes up with zero results.


Hi James,

Hmm, we probably need to add a check for that. For now, if you’re sure you can remove them in the HS_Tags table by name or if you have the ID’s (may be able to get it from the links) by ID.


Thanks for the reply,
I checked again today and the unused knowledge tags seem to have disappeared from the list in the advanced search. They stayed up there for 4-5 days after I removed them from the knowledge pages, but are gone now!



Magic! Well let us know if you have any other trouble.



Silly question 27, where does the HS_Tags file hide?


Hello. What do you mean by file?