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Rename a request subject


We are new to HelpSpot and I didn’t find anything on this in the manuals. We are looking for a way to rename a request in the queues/Inbox. I.E. When a user sends in an email, too often the subject of that email has nothing to do with the request. We would like to rename the request subject to better correlate to the actual topic. I see how we can change the Email subject when responding to the request, but not how to change the actual request subject. Any help is appreciated


Hi Dave,

There’s not a way to rename it, but in HS subject isn’t really something used to permanently identify requests as it’s used in other systems. If you’d like to have a true subject field what you can do is create a custom field column for subject which you could then set as appropriate for the request.


Hi Ian,
This has come up a few times in feedback from our team recently.
The feedback I am getting is that t it seems like there should be a built in field for “Title” or “description” that is editable and is used commonly throughout the system.

They would expect this to default to the subject of the email, but allow us to edit it.
Is this a feature you have thought any more since 2011?


This is done on purpose to as these often degrade to ‘bad problem’ and other such generic titles. For now the best way is still to create a custom field and then you can add that custom field to your filters and so on.

If you really only deal in email you could use the email subject column and that is updatable in the request page, just be aware it does go back to the customer.

If you build the custom field to do it it would be fairly easy in the API or even direct in the DB with a database trigger to set the custom field column to the email subject by default (sTitle column).

We’re always re-evaluating these things though and we are looking at some more significant UI changes in V5 so we’ll give it some thought.


I agree about the uselessness of the original Email Subject line. That is why however it seems to us like we don’t ever want to keep the original email subject line visible, default to it and allow us to edit it for all internal purposes. And let the customer’s email go UN-hindered using the original value.

But I can surrender. Not worth dying on this hill. Love the new updates you put into the product in this next release.

  • inline image editing
  • pinned responses

Those are big time savers.


We do have some things on the slate that might have us revisiting this so we’ll see!

Great to hear you dig the new update! Yes, pinned responses are so darn useful. We’re using them a ton ourselves.