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Replace "Customer ID" field with custom field on Customer History Search


The Customer History Search box has currently 6 fields: Customer ID, First name, Last name, Contacted via, Email and Phone number.

We are using the Customer ID field (which is filled out by LiveLookup) to reference the Company ID field in our current customer database. We have also created a custom field (predefined list) called “Company name”.

My question is, can I replace the Customer ID field used in the Search box with the custom “Company name” field?

If I need to retrieve the history for company “A” is easier to select company “A” from a drop down list than enter the Company ID number.



Hi Beltran,

That field can’t be changed in the search tab, however, you could use a filter to do your search. That way you could use the custom field as well as have access to many other conditions.

You also don’t need to save the filter, you can simply click “run filter” get your results and leave the filter unsaved.


Thanks Ian,
“Filter Requests” accomplishes exactly what I need!!