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Reply Above token field blank


Editing the Email Templates and the ##REPLYABOVE## token is returning blank when an email is sent.

I have the item set up in Admin>Settings>Email Integration as

Reply Above Text

Reply ABOVE THIS LINE to add a note to this request

Other Tokens appear fine.
I am on HS 3.2.12


Hi, I think some of your text may have gotten interpreted as markdown/html in the forum here.

You can use code fencing with three back ticks like this to post code samples: ```yourcode```


Sure it was just the text of the reply above text I have set in the admin section

## Reply ABOVE THIS LINE to add a note to this request ##

The big problem is that this text is not coming out into the ##REPLYABOVE## token in the Email templates


Now that I See it – could it be that the email template is interpreting the double hashes as extra tokens and not a plain string… hrm should test that out


The two ## are the default the reply above text so I would doubt that that’s the issue. One thing to check is to make sure that the template you are editing is actually one getting sent out. Custom templates can be defined per mailbox in the email mailbox settings page. Also check that you are editing both the text version and the html version.