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Report by Customer


We track customer_id by the name of the company. What we would like to have is a report that would show basically who are the top companies that opened up tickets for a certain period of time. Is that possible to do today.


There’s the request by unique customer report, but it doesn’t group them my customer in terms of most to least. I don’t think this report can be pulled out currently, though it should be pretty easy to do in SQL. I think something like this would work:

SELECT sUserId, count(*) as thecount
FROM HS_Request
WHERE dtGMTOpened > 1171460581

This will provide counts by customer ID in order of most requests for the last month. The number after > is the Unix timestamp. You can change that for another timestamp to create your reports or also add a AND dtGMTOpened < XXXX where xxxx is another timestamp if you want to create the reports for a certain period of time. So between January 1st and 31st.

You can find the timestamps for a date using this site: