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Report of tickets submitted by time of day


I’m looking for assistance with a report of HelpSpot tickets. Specifically, the number of tickets submitted during a certain time frame (e.g. between 5pm and 6pm). I’m not very familiar with SQL reporting, but was wondering if this could be captured with one of the canned reports already available? Thanks!


Yes, this can already be done. If you go to Requests Over Time and in the grouping options select Aggregate Time - Hours of the Day. That will break it down over the entire 24 hours. You can then further filter using the other conditions.


Thanks Ian! This also brings a second question: I’m looking to drill-down on tickets that were submitted outside business hours. For example, list of tickets submitted after 4:30 (which we have defined in admin). Does this report exist as well?


There’s not currently an easy way to do that exactly. We are looking at adding a date and time column to filters which would show to the exact time so you could export and filter. That’s pretty straight forward and something we’ll add near term. The ability to straight filter on requests opened after 5pm (any day) or something along those lines is more complicated due to how time is stored but we’ll also put that down for research as well.


Updated (to be more specific)

Hi Ian, we have an instance of HelpSpot 4.5 up in Dev and I was hoping this feature might have made it into that release, but am not seeing it. I was curious if this feature made it into that version or is planned for an upcoming release? I was able to pull the report from the Requests over Time, but it would also be helpful to have this available within filters.


Well in the filters you can do options->group by->Time: Hour which will give you that in terms of a filter view. Try that out.


I’ve been overlooking “Group By” all this time. Good to know. It’s not an exportable function it appears, but it should help. Thanks.