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Reporting 2 Issues with tickets


Hello Ian,

I was unsure of how to report glitches with helpspot so I hope i’ve placed this in the correct place.

I just wanted to alert you of a couple issues we’ve been experiencing lately.

  1. Once we got a little above ticket number 20000 we started not being able to search for tickets 14000 and below by any “normal” searchable field other then exact ticket number. Instead we would have to advance search the fields to be able to locate them, Furthermore if the older tickets were opened in a queue they are removed from view. Your queue count would match what you could see but if you went to assign a ticket to another queue you could see that there were tickets we could not see in our.

  2. If a ticket gets to many requests the ticket becomes unaccessable. All you will get is a blank white screen when you try to open the ticket.


Also with issue 1, every new ticket that gets created hides 1 other lower ticket from view. I.E. 20001 would hide 14001


Thanks for the reports!

Can you let me know what version of HelpSpot you’re running?

On issue 1 I’ve never head that and can’t think of a reason that would be. What I suspect is it’s actually due to one of the settings. There’s a setting for max results to display that can impact searches by limiting their results (admin-settings-system). Also on that same setting screen is an option to limit results to within X number of days. It defaults to 1 year for filters. So it could be you’re having results greater than a year and they’re dropping off in the filters. You can try adjusting those settings to see if that helps.

On #2 that can be the case depending on your server setup. If this isn’t a request stuck in an email loop and is just a normal email back and forth you may not have enough ram on your server or be giving enough memory to PHP via the php.ini memory_limit setting.


Hey Ian,

Currently we are using 3.2.5. We are working with our IT department to determine the best time to update helpspot to the most recent version that doesn’t impact our hours of operation as we are a call center.

For my first reported glitch the setting was on 365. I changed it to 0 and after a few minutes issue 1 has resolved the issue! Thank you so much for assisting with that. We’ve been banging our heads on the wall trying to fix the issue.

For issue 2 it essentially was an infinite loop that caused the tickets to lock up. We had made some inactive staff as they no longer work for us and didn’t realize Send notifications via email was checked. This essentially caused “undeliverable messages” to spawn in the ticket I believe every few minutes. We have gone through and disabled them on the inactive accounts but every now and then an email gets the “undeliverable” message and will lock up a ticket. Based on your explanation it sounds like it might just be to many requests for the current memory. (Not positive) I will relay this information over to my Supervisor and will see if our IT Department can resolve it.

Thank you so much for your support here as our major concern was just the “ghost” tickets as we call them and that has been resolved. =)



Yeah, on looping requests if you really get a lot of them in there that can happen. It’s best to try and prevent the loops if possible. Definitely turning off any mail forwarding or notifications to inactive users would do it.

HelpSpot does have some checks for looping within requests, but it’s a fine balance of protecting the system vs not blocking a legitimate email thread.