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Reporting options lost in v3


Hi Helpspot

I love the new reporting engine - it’s really going to help me a lot.

But what happened to grouping by week? (group by day and year are still there).

And there are a couple of little annoyances:

  • there is no “save as” option for reports… making it very easy to accidentally overwrite an existing report name.
  • the dates are not remembered when saving the report

Those issues aside, thumbs up on getting the upgrade out!



Week is kind of messy and we found most people didn’t use it so we dropped it. It’s always hard to drop things, but since it was only lightly used we thought it best to use those resources elsewhere. We may consider adding it back eventually though if there’s demand.

  • save as is something we want to add down the line. We also have a few other goodies planned for reports.

  • Not remembering the dates is intentional. This way reports can be reused and instantly show them for the latest period. The saving isn’t designed to remember a historical snapshot but rather for quick access to a commonly used report if you will.