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Hi Ian,

I’m using HelpSpot for a while and now I was asked to do monthly reports.
My idea is to get :

  1. number of new requests
  2. number of closed requests
  3. number of opened requests at the last
  4. number of requests that were open during that month. Eg any request that was opened at the first day + any new requests in that month
  5. number of requests according to 4) grouped by customer field (i use one for distinguishing products), e.g. number of requests for every product that was discussed that month. I want get statistics for discussed products.
  6. the same for customers

I’m able to get results for 1) and 2), tricky 3) (I need calculator for it), but I haven’t find the possibility to filter or get report according to 4, 5, and 6. Further more I can filter requests and add columns to the output so I can see my custom fields, but this is not supported for reports. In my opinion running report “Requests by custom fields”, where I cannot select which custom field nor I can see the custom fields in report is meaningless.

Please advise me, how to get the report data.
Best Regards,
Radim Kalas