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Reports by Week


I would like to suggest being able see report grouping by “week”.

Currently is it Hour, Day, Month and Year but somehow you jumped over Week? Not sure why…


One thing that gets tricky is determining what the week means to different people. Does it start on Monday, Sunday, etc. Also, there are formal week numbers we could also use, but would probably not be that valuable to most people. Still, this is interesting. I’d be inclined to have weeks start on Monday since that seems the most likely scenario.


I would think you could add a setting for the install to configure when the week would start. This would seem natural under:


HelpSpot > Admin > Settings > Date and Time


HelpSpot > Admin > Settings > Business Hours


We could certainly debate about the true start of the week with references to how different countries, religions and whatever else but I would also go with, let the admin choose his start day, Sunday or Monday in the config. That way you please everyone and your software remains international :smile:

I would really like this soon though. It would be great.



Yes, a setting could of course be given. We do have a ton of settings already :slight_smile: so it is something we try to keep an eye on but this is definitely down for consideration.


agreed. It doesn’t seem that difficult and would certainly help us with reporting. Most CS depts. will eventually work off of a week to week report.


Yes a Week over Week change is a very common metric that teams look at.