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Reports - Most popular support hours


Has anyone got a good method of using the HelpSpot reports to figure out when their most popular support hours are during the day?

I was hoping I could export the ‘Requests over time’ report, using an Interval of ‘Hour’, and then in Excel maybe format all the Date/Time columns as times and put the resulting data into a graph.

But Excel (Win 2003) doesn’t seem to want to convert the current date/time format into a time.

Has anyone figured out a good way to do this?


We should have had this report in there of course. I’ve noted it for a future release. Actually this is one area where I was hoping to get a lot more feedback in the beta, but I think everyone has been focusing on the core functionality and not really digging deep into the reports, which is understandable.

I think as we start to get more people using it in production they’ll be more requests related to the reports and we’re going to move fast on those to get the proper reports into the system.

For now I think you may need to do some manual computations for that number, but we’ll have a release out in a month or so with this report.


Great, thanks Ian.

I guess there are always going to be some reports that only a few people want, so it’s great that you can export to Excel and create reports from that.


Yep, but the one you mention is obvious and was just overlooked. It’ll definitely be in a future release in the near term.