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Request Check URL with key in Automation Rules


Hi Ian,

I’ve searched the forums and KB but didn’t see this specifically:

I can’t seem to figure out how to get the full link to the request in the portal with the access key. This is important for me to be able to get an internal process for request approval completed.

Let me know if it’s currently possible. Thanks!


Sure Alan, you could do it a few ways. The easiest is to go into the request you need the URL for and in the right most column you’ll see options. The little icon that looks the same as the portal icon will take you to the request in the portal. From there you can copy the URL. Also, in the details box of each request is the full access key which can be plugged into the request check URL.


Yes, I understand that from a “manual” point of view, but my question was about Automation Rules. I cannot find a #### which will insert the full URL with access key into an email notification in Automation.


Sorry, I didn’t realize it was an automation question, I missed the title and it wasn’t in the body.

You need to build it yourself. This is actually a bug of sorts because in some other places the request check URL placeholder provides the full URL. This will be fixed in v2, but for now this should work:



Not so much a bug as a continuity/consistency issue. Thanks for the idea to mash it together.