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Request History


Hi Ian
Still currently evaluaing Helpspot and so far so good, one question. Is it possible to have information entered in the custom fields show up in the Request History box?
Many thanks,


Hi JP,

Not sure what you mean. Do you mean in the portal view? If so then yes, in fact the code for it is already there you just need to uncomment it. You can read how to edit the templates here:

If you mean on the request history box in the request page then no, not directly. Anytime a custom field changes it’s logged there though and of course the custom field values are always showing within the custom field itself.


Hi Ian
Sorry should have been more specific. I mean so that when a user goes into the Portal view to look up an existing request.


Yep, then the first part of my response applies. The portal code to show custom fields is in the portal templates already you just need to uncomment them and they’ll show. You could also only show some fields selectively by using their custom field ID’s. You’ll see it in the template, but you could output the value of just your first custom field with echo $request[‘Custom1’]

The template you need to edit is request.check.tpl.php