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Request Replies Not Sent



I’m having a problem with request replies. When a new request is replied to an email is not sent to that customer. Also when checking on the access key url the reply is not present.

I’ve done some searching but can’t find anything obvious. Is there a setting for this or do I have a configuration problem?



Hi John,

I think the problem is that your replies are private by default. To make a public reply click where it says private just below the note box and it will turn to public. If public is the default type you’d like you can set that in ‘settings’ in the upper right corner.

Let me know if that’s it.


Hi Ian,

Yep that was it - thank you very much. Must be time for me to get new glasses :slight_smile:

BTW our customers really like HelpSpot.




Let me know if you have any other trouble.