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Request - URL Too Large The requested URL's length exceeds the capacity limit for this server


I am having this error when there are several response back and forth with the customer. The script seems is passing more than customer information to livelookup. I tried to set the live look up to use post; it seems not working. Can you tell me how to change the live lookup to use post instead.


Hi Carol,

That’s an odd error, you must have a huge number of custom fields for that to occur. I don’t think a switch to POST will help as the URL being called is too long and this is before HelpSpot sends the request to your server.

Trying a different browser may work as different browsers have different lengths of support. If the reason is the number of custom fields we might be able to consolidate some of you can let me know why you have so many and what you’re trying to do.


Hi Ian,
We have around 30 custom fields but it’s not needed for the live lookup. Is there a way to let live lookup disregard those custom field?


30’s not too bad, but LL does pass back all the values of those fields so if they’re long values in them that could be the issue as well.

OK Let me look into this a bit. There might be a change we can make to the upcoming 2.7 release that will address this.