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RequestPush - how to automate "Push Request"



I’m integrating HelpSpot and Zenoss using the RequestPush class. Everything is working great. I have OS/Perf alerts sent from Zenoss to HelpSpot, and in turn the alert can be moved to history in Zenoss using “Push Request” within HelpSpot. However, this requires clicking the “Push Request” link within each HelpSpot request before closing it.

I’m wondering if its possible to have the push function occur automatically when a request is moved to “Problem Solved” and closed instead of having to manually click the “Push Request” link within the request.

Thank you,


Hi Shane,

Indeed it is. You can use an automation rule (Admin->Tools->Automation Rules) for this. One of the actions is to do a request push.

One thing you need to be careful of though is to define the rule in a way that it doesn’t match the conditions over and over. So you can’t just do request is closed or it will match many requests over and over.

Instead you need to add a second action (beyond the request push) which changes a condition. So maybe you have another status for “problem solved - pushed to Zenoss” for instance. This way you could have a condition for status is not “problem solved - pushed to Zenoss” and in your actions you have an action that changes the status to “problem solved - pushed to Zenoss”.

You don’t have to use status types, you could use a custom field, etc just so long at after the rule runs it changes a condition so that those requests no longer match.



Makes perfect sense. Although I’m still having a bit of any issue. When I use the set custom fields action it doesn’t appear to take.

Here is the rule:
if any:
email is zenoss@
Open/Closed closed
Pushed (custom field) is no

set custom feild:
evid (this stores the unique event id from zenoss ) left blank
Pushed - yes
Perform a request push

Is the problem that the request is closed and the values can’t be changed on a closed request? The custom field Pushed never changes from no to yes.

Thanks again for your help.



Hi Shane,

No, it should work even though it’s closed. On the conditions I think that should be ALL not ANY because any will match too many requests.

On the actions what type of field is “pushed”?