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Require particular custom fields depending on ticket category/status


Is there a way to require particular custom fields to be populated depending on the ticket status?

E.g., if a status is changed to RESOLVED, require that several fields related to the root cause (e.g., “escalation reason” or “development effort”) be populated.

Even better would be the ability to not show these fields until a ticket becomes “RESOLVED.”

Another example would be having an “Initial Solution” field that is only required if a ticket is in an “INITIALLY ADDRESSED” status (indicating a partial solution for a client which has allowed for a reduction in urgency ahead of the final resolution). Or, we need to require a “reason” to be logged when a ticket is noted as status PENDING.

This is a fairly important workflow for us, but I can’t seem to find a way to accommodate it in helpspot.


Hi Brian,

Custom fields can be category dependent, but not status dependent so currently there’s not a way to implement that.

Notes in HelpSpot are more like an email conversation than a series of events so I don’t think the initial solution type items would be possible at least in the note field. You could create custom fields for this information though. Depending on how you intend to use it that may be sufficient.


Custom fields don’t really suffice on their own, as I can’t make them conditionally required or visible. I also appear to have no ability to generate popups or reminders based on fields.