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Require Portal Login


Is it possible to require users to login to the portal to submit requests. I don’t want my students going to our helpdesk and submitting requests, I only want Teachers to be able to.


There’s not a built in setting for this, however, it is possible to edit the templates of the portal to force that. You have to move the template tag that requires login so it’s not only on the request history page but covers all pages, probably by putting it in index.tpl.php though some other tweaks are also likely required.

Over the years we’ve found this usually isn’t as big an issues as people think it will be before they get rolling. I’d recommend you launch and see if students submitting through there is actually a major problem.

Also, if someone is determined enough they’ll likely just find an email address or other method of contacting you anyway so a login is usually a poor way to deflect those people. Better to provide clear instructions on the help desk homepage for them. You can add that in admin-settings-portal.