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Required fields, and customer close own request


Hi Ian,

First, I must say, nice software! Very easy to install, many features I have wished for in the past, great price! I’m in test phase right now, but if all goes well, it’s most likely a buy.

Now the whining begins… :wink:

  1. How can I toggle the ‘required’ bit on and off for existing fields on the request form? I see that I can do this with custom fields, but have not struck oil for the predefined fields. Specifically I want to make ‘Phone’ a required field such that the customer can’t successfully submit the form without filling something in there (even if what he writes there is ‘bite me!’).

  2. Is it possible to add another button the request.check form so that the user may close his own ticket if he discovers a solution?

Thanks for any insights you can provide!


Ah. Nevermind on (1); I found the field

But (2) is still baffling me!


Yep you got the required field down. Be sure to read the manual page on customizing templates so that your changes don’t get overwritten:

#2 currently can’t be done but it will be in a future release.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.