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Rerunning Windows installer PHP is already instaled error


I am issues trying to rerun the installer. I receive a PHP already is installed message and the installer quits. In addition, if I try to install manually, I get an 404.3 error when attempting to run the php test script to validate the loader wizard is installed for ion cube


Hi Travis,

Yes, the HelpSpot installer can’t install if PHP is already on Windows. The installer is really the best way to install so I’d recommend a virtual machine or alternate server that’s clean if possible. If not, you could try uninstalling PHP if you’re not using it for other systems.


Thanks for the reply… I wanted to follow up because this may benefit someone else.
I had the Windows SQL stack of SugarCRM running on the same VM. Sugar’s PHP stack was seen by the HelpSpot Windows installer. I had to uninstall SugarCRM to get the installer to work again. It was not an ideal solution, but it did work.