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Reset Spam Filter


Is there a process for resetting the spam filter? We have automated requests that come in via Zapier that are constantly getting caught in the spam filter even though we mark as NOT spam every time it comes through, I aam hoping to start it back from stock to try and mark as NOT spam from the get go to prevent it from doing this, we believe one of the initial automated requests was marked as spam and this is affecting all subsequent requests.


Could you share a sample of the API call used that is getting flagged as spam? I wouldn’t think the spam filter would usually catch requests created through the private api.


Sorry for the late reply on this have been preoccupied with other tasks. I realized that not all of the automated tickets were getting spam filtered. We actually have 2 separate Zaps in zapier and only one of them produced spam filtered tickets. The ones getting filtered all came through as opened via Web Service. The ones that came through fine were listed as opened via Staff Initiated. I dug into the settings for the ticket creation step on the zap and saw the filtered tickets’ zap was set to opened via Email, even though they show up in the ticket system as Web Service. I changed that value to Staff Initiated for that Zap and will see if this stops them from being caught in the spam filter.


We just had one come through and get spam filtered, it did however come with the correct “Opened Via” value. Is there anything from within Zapier I could provide to give further insight?