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Response Macro/Templates - Admin Access



Over the years we have set up hundreds of different macro responses in our system. What is increasingly becoming frustrating and problematic is that Admin account users cannot search for key words to pull up a macro to either use in a direct response or edit. What I have to do now is create two user accounts (one account to use to answer front line customer emails and the other for admin purposes/edit macros).

I know with the recent upgrade you are able to select more than one account to review/edit a macro when you create it, however for the responses that were set up before this change they are extremely difficult for an Admin user to manage. Right now I need to click the “Load More” button at the bottom of the page (about 20 times) so that all macros are displayed on the page and then I do a ‘ctrl-F’ to search the page for the macro I need to find and edit.

Are there plans to allow Admin uses to access and edit all responses by default? Also, is there a quick way to display all macros on one page rather than keep clicking “Load more” each time?

Thank you,


Hi Jeff!

I think the best solution here is to modify those old ones to include the admin permission group in all of them. That will eliminate your need for multiple accounts as well as make searching work much better since it will actually be able to search all the responses. Currently, it’s not returning results for responses you don’t have access to.

That’s something we could put together and post up here. Are all your response permissions currently based on permission groups? If so, it won’t be hard to update them all to include those groups plus the admin group.


Hi Jeff,

Another update. I think I slightly miss-read your issue. Though the above still applies and we can help you get the perms organized for the older responses.

In version 4.1 this spring the UI for this page is slightly different. The pagination is removed so you can easily see them all via scrolling.

Also, I think you should be able to search for everything even now but it’s true that it doesn’t search in the bodies of messages. That hasn’t changed yet, but in page searching should be much easier with everything on one screen.