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Response Management



Over the many years of using HelpSpot we have accumulated over1000 responses/macros in the system. We are finding managing and editing Responses to be increasingly difficult as time goes on.

Would it be possible to consider the following feature ideas to help us manage these more efficiently:

  • Allow us to select more than one Response at a time so we can batch them as inactive.

  • Provide Filters for the Response Usage report that will allow us to sort by creator or any other parameter in the system.

  • Display what specific Responses that were not used within a given date range.

  • Apply HTML editor/widget to the Response creation screen.

  • Display what specific Response title was used within the history of the HelpSpot ticket.

Thank you in advance for your consideration,



Thanks for these suggestions. Some of them we already have logged as feature requests, so I am updating our feature request lists with your comments.