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Restricting Inbox view by category


We are just trying out Helspot and I am trying to see if it is possible for the Inbox view to only show tickets assigned to the categories that user belongs to (or not assigned to any category). The reason I want to do this is so that we can have different groups of people who handle different categories viewing the Inbox and only seeing requests that maybe relevant to them. Most requests would come in via email and depending on the email address they come in to they would go to a particular category, and only certain groups of people would be responsible for these emails and it would be a bit confusing for them to see requests coming in for other categories and more work for them to check each request to see if it is something they should be dealing with or not.


Hi Richard,

Yes, though not exactly how you describe. You do that with filters Workspace->Create Filter

With a filter you can define views for staff groups that are appropriate for them.