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Restricting users to view tickets only


We would like to give some external consultants access to review resolved queries in out Helpspot system so they can see what answers we have provided to similar queries in the past. We do not want these people to do anything other than view closed tickets however.

I have set up a separate category for the closed tickets and a trigger that moves the tickets to this category when they are closed. However, despite removing all the access options for the assigned permission group, the re-open ticket option remains. Is there anyway to remove this access, or if not would you consider an option for this in future versions? In effect we are looking for a read only access permission (with search functionality).


Hi Richard,

There’s no way to have a read only user currently. Also by moving all tickets to a special category you’re going to be messing with the history of those tickets that could cause you problems reporting wise so you might want to be careful with that.

If you have programmers available the best thing would be to use the API to generate a read only view.

Another option would be to use your trigger to send a notification to an external email account and make sure your email templates are set to include the full public history. Then the consultants could just review the contents of that email account.