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Rewrite URLs with Regex


Hello Guys,

as it’s not possible to use Helpspot with HTTPS, I’m trying to install a web application firewall in front of the Helpspot webserver.

It’s partially working, if I only view requests and check the inbox. But if I want to write a request, the note is not updated and I’m redirected to the Create Request page.

I tried to use the following rewrite rules on my WAF, but it seems like I am missing something:

HTTP Host Field: (.)
HTTP URL Field: /(.

Replacement: https://$0$1

Also the double slash at the Create Request and Create Filter buttons are confusing me. (e.g. http://xxx…com//admin.php?pg=filter.requests

Why do they look like this?

Has anybody tried to hook up a WAF to the Helpspot and could assist me?

Kind regards,


Hi Oliver,

HelpSpot runs fine over HTTPS, we use it ourselves over HTTPS.

So I would scrap this and then just run it over HTTPS. If the web server is properly configured for HTTPS all you have to do is update config.php so the cHOST URL uses https.


Hey Ian,

that works really well, thank you!

If I want to force user to use HTTPs, I would need a rewrite rule, isn’t it? Because now both is active (regarding the portal where customer can create requests themself)

Kind regards,