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RSS feed of a single request history


Searching on rss in the forums and the books came up with nothing. May be I am missing something. Just trying to get an RSS feed of a specific request and its history.


Ok, responding to myself here…

It appears at least one way to do this is through the public api:

When I try the serialized php I get strange characters:

On Firefox and Safari I am getting characters: a:21:{s:8:“xRequest”;s:5:“12403”;s:10:"

Just posting here to see if anyone else is doing this stuff, and if there is something missing in the url to clean up the php.


Hi Winston,

Actually what you should do is get the RSS feed of a filter. So your My Queue, the Inbox, and any filters you create all have RSS feeds. Those feeds have all the requests in that queue along with all the history for each request so that’s how you can follow an individual request, by following a filter the request is in.

You could build your own RSS feed with the API as well, but it’s only formatted as XML not RSS so you’d need to transform it to work with an RSS reader.


Hi Ian,

Yes, I tried that:

But it seems I would have to create a new filter for each individual request. I tried hacking:
but no luck. Is this possible through api?

On the right of each request screen there are Options, where I hoped to simply to RSS:
Set Reminder
Merge Request
Move to Trash
View in Portal
Print view


Currently there’s no way to generate an RSS feed for only one request without pulling down the entire filter of requests. It’s an interesting idea though. I’m wondering what you’re going to use that for, are you trying to integrate another system off of that data?

With the API you could build your own RSS feed for each request, but you’d need a script in between. So your script would be something like this:

//your script request_feed.php (doesn’t need to be PHP can be any language actually)

  1. It receives a request ID
  2. It does an API request to get back the request history for that ID
  3. It parses the returned XML
  4. It reformats the data into RSS
  5. Return the RSS to the calling system



Yes, this is for integration into an app we are building in php, Drupal to be precise. So the feed does not need to be RSS, your 3 api return types are perfect: xml, json, and serialized php.

So I will continue down the api path:


Ah, OK. Yes, then the API is definitely the way to go. Let me know how you make out.


But man, RSS sure would speed things up… do you have anything we could use to parse xml and reformat into RSS? Speaking strictly regarding request history.


Well if you’re on PHP5 I would just use the simplexml extension. Then you’d have the XML in a PHP object and can easily use it for whatever purpose you need or to build RSS if you like.