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RSS/XML feed in Default Workspace


I would find it useful to be able to display RSS/XML feeds in the default workspace. Here’s why: While supporting a department on a large University campus, we are sometimes affected by information services problems at the university level.

For instance, our users must authenticate against a single sign on (university level) to gain access to our wireless network. Yesterday, the university was having issues with the SSO authentication. They post such problems at (the feed is Having that feed displayed for our techs would alert them to the issues at the university level, making it easier to troubleshoot and saving them time.

Bottom line: it would be useful to integrate information about services that we rely on, and made available to us, into helpspot.

I would think that others may have a use for this as well. Perhaps the ability to display a feed, or even just an alert and a link when a feed is active, would be a good feature request.


Hi Mike,

Yes, the ability to customize HS’s admin area with other information is something we’re looking into. Right now primary focus is on the new UI for version 3, but after that I definitely think this is an area we’ll be doing more work in.


I second this idea - really even a spot that we can add some custom html on the dashboard would be sufficient. The lack of this feature is actually keeping me from going forward with my purchase of helpspot, we have several services that we have come to depend on at this point. This is actually a shame b/c it is a great product and we love the portals.