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Rules to Enforce Workflow


We are looking to enforce certain workflow rules. For example, assume Al and Bob are Support, Cindy and Dave are Customer Service, and Eli and Francine are Business Analysts. The workflow is that Support can’t assign requests directly to Business Analysts without first going through Customer Service. Thus, Al can’t ever assign a request to Francine.

I think this can be done using Triggers (i.e., if Al tries to assign a Request to Francine, assign it back to Al), but would quickly become unwieldy because I would need a separate trigger for each combination of Assigner/Assignee/Category (the number of triggers might also affect performance). Is there some better way to accomplish this?


Hi Jeremy,

Currently HelpSpot doesn’t have a way to really enforce that. As you mention, using triggers in that way will likely get complicated.

You could use the API to query back to what’s changed and check them every few minutes. That would let you put your business logic in a script which would give you the control to properly do it.