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Run HelpSpot as subdomain not sub directory



I want to install HelpSpot on Windows machine. But, I want it to be accessible directly from the domain name. For example the default installation would make URL But, I want it



Hi! Apologies for the delay in responding here - did you manage to figure this out? If not, try out the PDF instructions here on setting up HelpSpot without a subdirectory (the domain you use will not matter, as that’s configurable within IIS).

Note that you should also update HelpSpot’s config.php to remove the subdirectory from the cHOST variable.

Here’s a link to the PDF:


Thank you for your response, but I am not using IIS. I am using the default Apache which comes built in with the application installer.


Gotcha, try this out instead!

Edit file C:\Program Files (x86)\helpspot\apache2\conf\httpd.conf

First Remove the line near the bottom:

Alias /helpspot "C:\Program Files (x86)\helpspot\helpspot"

Second Update the default DocumentRoot (near line 244) and any reference to the default document root:


DocumentRoot "C:\Program Files (x86)\helpspot/apache2/htdocs"
<Directory "C:\Program Files (x86)\helpspot/apache2/htdocs">


DocumentRoot "C:\Program Files (x86)\helpspot\helpspot"
<Directory "C:\Program Files (x86)\helpspot\helpspot">

Third: Update the config.php file cHOST variable





We just removed the /helpspot portion. Your hostname will likely not be like in this example.

Lastly: Open the services panel and restart the service HelpSpotApache.