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Run LiveLookup for old entries



We have a large set of tickets that were created before we started using LiveLookup. Are you aware of some way that we can automatically enter customer information (for example, using LiveLookup) for tickets that don’t already have customer data? If not through HelpSpot, maybe this is possible directly with PHP and MySQL? Any guidance here would be great.

Haig Didizian


You could reopen every ticket, but it will throw off your closed times and generally be a pain. It’s certainly going to be easier to do it in the database if you have a developer to do it.

The columns for those fields are in HS_Request. You’d need to write a little script to query your system, get the customer info based on the email and then update the requests.

I’d definitely suggest cloning the database and testing this before you do it on the live DB.


Thanks, Ian. I’ll do it directly in the DB. Is there some way to write the script so that it leverages the LiveLookup functionality/configuration already present in our HelpSpot installation? Then it could be a really little script. :wink:



Well you could call the LL script yourself via HTTP and get the results back. HS can’t do that for you from outside, but you can do it yourself. The return is just XML so it can be parsed and then you can do your updates.