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Salesforce Live Lookup giving "Mismatched Tag" error -- is it working for other people?


I just noticed that our Salesforce Live Lookup ( feature isn’t working. It’s returning:

An Error Occurred
XML Parser Returned Error: Mismatched tag (76)
Source Path:
Call Type: http

The “View XML” link says:

301 Moved Permanently

301 Moved Permanently


I don’t know if it failed after our recent upgrade to 2.7.2, or whether it was before/after the upgrade.

I’d be interested in knowing whether that code is working for other people using 2.7.2.



By the error I’m guessing Salesforce may have moved the API URL location. I don’t have access to a Salesforce account with api access to check, but you may want to go in and see if they now provide a new or different API access point.