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Search is not showing the newest results


Hi there,

I noticed that searching for a ticket by a keyword doesn’t bring all the most recent results especially the ones after November 19th for some reason. Anything before that date shows up but after that doesn’t.
Can you help us?




Are you using HelpSpot on a Windows server? If so, the search service (Services > HelpSpotSphinx) may have failed to run it’s periodic updates to grab the latest results.

The jobs to do that are set within Windows Task Scheduler. You can try to run the “main” one manually which re-indexes everything.

Otherwise, you can edit the config.php file and set the search driver to “database” to avoid using the Sphinx search engine.


I’m still having the problem. I’m not sure if this is related but when I run :
indexer --all --rotate
I get:

using config file ‘/etc/sphinx/sphinx.conf’…
indexing index ‘requests_ndx’…
WARNING: index ‘requests_ndx’: dict=keywords and prefixes and morphology enabled, forcing index_exact_words=1
ERROR: index ‘requests_ndx’: sql_connect: [unixODBC][Microsoft][ODBC Driver 13 for SQL Server]Login timeout expired (DSN=odbc://XXXX:***@XXX.XXX.XXX:1433/XXX).
total 0 docs, 0 bytes
total 15.113 sec, 0 bytes/sec, 0.00 docs/sec
…same error…then
total 0 reads, 0.000 sec, 0.0 kb/call avg, 0.0 msec/call avg
total 0 writes, 0.000 sec, 0.0 kb/call avg, 0.0 msec/call avg



Can you open a request with I think we will need too look more deeply at your particular installation configuration.