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Search via URL


I’m wanting to do a simple integration where I have a link in my CRM system customer records that lets me navigate to a search of the customers name in HelpSpot. Is there a URL with a query parameter I can use?

eg. /admin.php?pg=search&q={search term} ??


Yep! It’s a bit tricky

However, if you have the customers ID this may be better:


I came here looking for exactly this. Unfortunately, neither of the suggested URL formats work for me.

I’ll be using this link on the account admin pages on our ecommerce site so we can easily check out a customer’s email history. I’m using a similar link to create new requests with pre-filled name and email (using these instructions) and that’s working great. HelpSpot search being Ajax-based makes doing this for searches quite difficult.

I’ve tried both of these:



Is there another form I should use to search by email?


I can confirm the same issue as @kwilson … the search URLs just don’t work for me.

They will bring up the search page with the fields filled in, but won’t perform a search and the previous search results are still shown on the search page.

Is it possible to add a non-Ajax driven search screen which will do what we need?


Yep @kwilson and @simonhampel I can confirm it as well. We’ll take a look at it.