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Searching for IP address


I am trying to search for an IP address (e.g., The search results bring back any text with 127, 0, and 1 in them, instead of just bringing back the string. I have tried putting quotes around the string and this does not work either (same result set is returned). I am using Advanced Search and the “Request history full-text search for” option.

Any help would be great and thanks in advance.


Hi Bill,

Most databases use a period as a delimiter, I know this is the case with MySQL which is what you’re probably on. I’m not sure if there’s a mechanism for adjusting the full text index to not use periods as a delimiter but even if there were I’m not sure it’d be wise to turn it off.

Do you need to track IP’s in a structured way? If so what about using a custom text field where you could then do an exact search.


Iam -
Thanks. i am trying to search for IPs within tickets. The tickets have that information inside of them, so the custom text field would not work. If there is a way to escape the period, that would be great; if not I will have to live with it.
Thanks again.


I tested this out and it works, though it may be slow on large databases. In advanced search (or a filter) use the Custom “Where” Clause SQL condition.

In that box, use this SQL exactly as is replacing this test IP with your IP.

xRequest IN (SELECT xRequest FROM HS_Request_History WHERE HS_Request_History.tNote LIKE “%”)


Ian -
Thanks. I tried the above exactly except for replacing the IP with my IP of interest (I am familiar with SQL so I am good with the LIKE command, the % signs, etc.) and it returned no results.

Then I added “HS_Request.” in front so it reads:
HS_Request.xRequest IN (SELECT xRequest FROM HS_Request_History WHERE HS_Request_History.tNote LIKE “%”)
with my IP of interest. I saw this “HS_Request.” in front in another forum post regarding custom where clauses and thought I would give it a try since the first one did not work. Still no results.

The I added "Where " in front and tried it again - still no joy!

Any other hints would be great - am I doing something wring in the HelpSpot UI, etc.
Thanks again.


Ian -
Apparently the fact that these were in the Trash Can was an important piece of information that I should have mentioned.

Your query works great once I removed some of the items from the Trash Can and my initial approach of using a full-text search with the IP in quotes also works.
Thanks very much!


oh, doh! Yes trash is filtered out. Since you know SQL you can see the actual filter SQL from the filter screen after clicking run filter and clicking the link at the bottom of the results. Could be useful to you at some point.